Peter Whiskerd

Peter joins the Learning Architects to introduce the Resilience Portfolio in new markets and to deliver Resilience programs to existing and new customers. Peter is described by former colleagues as extremely empathetic and great with people, demonstrating a real talent for developing self-belief in others. He has a rare ability to link high level business professionalism with a broad, humanistic perspective on life. He is an experienced Leadership Development facilitator and mentor to many former work colleagues.

Peter has 25 years of C suite experience as CEO, COO, CFO and HRD, and has lived and worked in the UK, Austria, Italy, Poland and Holland, in positions with regional and Pan-European responsibilities. His passion for people development has been his guiding vision across all businesses where he has worked (FMCG, Real Estate, Media, HORECA) leading him to join Bright Leadership in 2008. Bright Leadership is a company specializing, since 2002, in developing high quality leaders. Bright Leadership solutions are well researched and delivered by highly competent facilitators who understand business and are subject matter experts. Their ability to engage and influence participants is fundamental.