resilience through change

What is Resilience Through Change?

  • A personal resilience seminar delivered as a one-day workshop  
  • Explores ten key personal strategies 
  • Encourages individuals to take responsibility 
  • Promotes sustainability through personal action plans  
  • Includes post-event support line and materials

Based on the book Resilience by Liggy Webb

'It’s amazing reading Liggy Webb's book Resilience. It helps you refocus your efforts and shows what it takes at times of strife and acute anxiety to push on through. Easy to understand with some excellent practical tips, from how to truly understand yourself and how to recognise that results invariably lie in your own hands, through to how persistence and determination can carry you through. A very valuable and recommended read.'

Fiona Jeffery OBE, Chairman, World Travel Market 

What is Included in the Workshop?

  • Engaging energisers 
  • Personality profiles and resilience quiz 
  • Ten key strategies for developing resilience 
  • Motivational and inspiring presentations 
  • Discussion groups and idea sharing 
  • Personal action planning and review 
  • A copy of Resilience by Liggy Webb
  • Online post-workshop support

Resilience - Ten Personal Strategies

  • Take a journey of self-discovery 
  • See the glass half-full 
  • Take control of your emotions   
  • Change for the better
  • Cope well with conflict 
  • Turn problems into opportunities 
  • Look after yourself - wellbeing and lifestyle 
  • Make positive connections 
  • Let go of the past and keep moving forward
  • Create an effective personal vision

Workshops can be tailored to suit specific requirements, and open workshops are available – for more information please contact us at or call us on 44 (0)1242 700027.