Build inner strength and bounce ability

Our resilience offering is based on the best selling and BBC televised book Resilience How to cope when everything around you keeps changing by Liggy Webb. This proven model is underpinned by ten well researched and proven guiding principles. The emphasis is about empowering individuals to take personal responsibility, create healthy boundaries, and be more open to change by cultivating a positive and growth mindset.

What We Offer

Our approach will help participants to:
  • Be more resilient, agile and responsible
  • Cope better with challenges and change
  • Think more positively and optimistically
  • Manage emotions and stress levels
  • Improve personal wellbeing and life balance
  • Help make a positive difference

Sustainable Solutions

The emphasis is on keeping things simple and sustainable.

Knowledge is important. However, it is what we do with it that really matters.

Post-learning there will be additional support materials and access to an on-line life skills library with over 100 resources.

Resilience portfolio

  • One-day Resilience workshop
  • Half-day Resilience workshop
  • Bite size sessions 60/90/120 minutes
  • Keynote Presentations
  • e-Learning solutions
  • Books and webinars
  • Psychometric profiling
  • Resilience coaching

10 Resilience Strategies

1. Take a journey of self-discovery
2. See the glass half-full
3. Take emotional control
4. Change for the better
5. Cope well with conflict
6. Embrace probortunities
7. Look after yourself
8. Make positive connections
9. Let go of the past and keep going
10. Create a personal vision

The Learning Architect came to Armagh at a time of massive change, when three councils were just about to merge into one new authority a couple of months later. The positive and straightforward approach left people energised and motivated with practical tools they can use to take control of their own personal journey through the change process. The feedback from the event was 100% positive.
Carol Corvan, Strategic Director, Armagh Council
The Learning Architect worked with our team to provide tools, confidence and readiness, to cope with, embrace and engage with the change. This was very well received.
Nick Howell, Learning and Development Manager, UCAS
The Resilience Workshop was incredibly insightful and thought provoking for managers going through major organisational change. Our facilitator engaged with the group very quickly and shared fantastic knowledge and useful tips for both professional and personal use.
Julie Hasdell-Flood, People Development, Southern Railway
This was a fun, lively and interactive session which was without a doubt the most positive and productive Masterclass I have ever attended.
Paul R Maney, Head of Strategic Planning, Leeds City Council