Liggy Webb

Liggy Webb is a best selling author and international consultant specialising in behavioural skills. She works with the United Nations and travels to various worldwide locations including war zones and peace missions. Liggy is also the founding director of The Learning Architect, an international consortium of behavioural skills specialists. She is recognised as a thought leader on modern life skills and is regularly asked to be an inspirational keynote speaker across private and public sector.

Liggy's latest book Resilience is a practical and accessible guide for coping with change and offers advice on how to cultivate the right attitude and inner strength. She is noted for her ability to distill complexity and keep approaches straightforward and simple.

Liggy has researched and developed a range of techniques and strategies to support both individuals and organisations to cope more effectively and successfully with the demands and challenges of modern living. Some of the organisations that Liggy has worked with include: the United Nation, the NHS, HMRC, PricewaterhouseCoopers, the Royal Shakespeare Company, Thomson Reuters, Lloyds TSB, British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy, David Lloyd, NFU Mutual, Thames Valley Police, UCAS, P&O Cruises and ASDA. Liggy also works The Charity Learning Consortium and actively supports mental health charities and initiatives.