How to be more creative


Creativity is an inborn talent of all human beings and one that can also be developed. It is our creativity that makes us distinct and sets us apart from other animals in this world. When we face challenges and we are not able to solve them in a conventional or traditional way, we knowingly or unknowingly seek creative solutions. In fact, in many ways, the more creative we are the more successful we can be.

Creativity can also be a great confidence booster, especially when you experience positive results. Your creation is a projection of you and translated into successful outcomes can add so much value to your own life and the life of others.

There are many ways that you can be more creative and here are three useful tips:

1. Get outside and look up and outwards. Fresh air is a great stimulant and walking outside is a great way to help release built up tension so that your mind becomes clearer and ideas will flow more easily. 

2. Share your ideas with others. Bringing together a group of people with different ideas and perspectives is a useful way to explore diverse ways of thinking. Encouraging people to express themselves and challenge each other in a safe environment can open the door to a whole host of possibilities.

3. Be prepared to step out of your comfort zone. This is a really important part of creativity and is where the real magic happens. Taking risks and being open to change for some people can be quite challenging because there may be some setbacks and disappointments. It is important however, that we view these set backs as opportunities to learn and discover.

When it comes to creativity there will always be a certain amount of experimentation and in many ways it is through failure and through experiments that we truly explore our potential and grow.

Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way

Edward de Bono

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