Fit to Lead

This one-day workshop is essential for any manager or leader wanting to develop healthy leadership habits for a high performing team. This highly informative and practical event encourages individuals to:

• Identify role model habits and behaviours and learn how to lead by example
• Be encouraged to develop a positive attitude and approach to work and life
• Identify the benefits of exercise, healthy eating and improved energy levels
• Discover how to manage emotions and develop a personal 'coping with stress' toolkit
• Communicate more successfully in order to inspire others
• Be encouraged to improve the working environment for employees
• Set personal action plans to achieve sustainable results

Event Overview :

Objectives for the day and personal action plans
The benefits of wellness to your organisation
How to be a role model

Change and Healthy Habits
How to practise and demonstrate healthy behaviours


The key principles of positive psychology and how it works
How to view problems as opportunities
How to use positive language
Positive thinking techniques

Exercise and Nutrition
Understanding the basics of eating for sustainable energy
How exercise can improve health and stamina
Fit for life – creating a realistic healthy living plan

Social styles exercise
How to make an impact and inspire


Stress Management
Understanding stress and personal triggers
How to manage pressure in the workplace
Relaxation and de-stressing techniques
Supporting your team through changing and challenging times

Group exercise – promoting a positive and healthy working environment

Goal setting
How to set effective and achievable objectives and goals
Motivational advice on achieving goals


Completion of personal action plans

All participants will also receive a full set of support materials including a copy of 'How to Work Wonders – Your Guide to Workplace Wellness' by leading modern life skills expert Liggy Webb, as well access to FREE downloadable resources for sustainable learning. All 'Fit 2 Lead' events are delivered by an accredited workplace wellness consultant. We strongly recommend a review activity three months after the event.