Leadership agility is about being able to role model agile behaviours and demonstrate a flexible approach in their leadership styles in a changing world of work. Agile leaders need to possess the ability to think about each situation and consider as many of the different elements as possible in the time available. The one-size-fits-all approach to leadership simply does not work and it is important that leaders recognise that different situations require differing styles and approaches.

Agile leaders have the ability to change their plans to match the relevance of the situation and can maintain productivity through periods of transition or periods of chaos. Leading through uncertainty and ambiguity is the new normal and agile leaders embrace change, demonstrate a growth mindset and can inspire and engage a diverse workforce.

The content will help leaders to:
  • Understand why agile leadership is important
  • Lead people through volatility and change
  • Manage uncertainty and ambiguity
  • Adapt leadership styles to fit different situations
  • Support teams in times of disruption
  • Be bolder, more confident and resilient
How is the content delivered?
  • Half day workshop
  • Bite sized 60/90 minute sessions
  • Bite sized book – The agile leader