Leadership Agility

Every organisation needs great leadership; leaders who are fully engaged, supportive and who believe whole-heartedly in the ethos of the business they work for.

Leaders who are good role models and who 'walk the talk' gain respect, inspire confidence and motivate their teams to achieve results.

Leadership Development

We help individuals to look in the metaphorical mirror and address their behaviours and capabilities in order to become more dynamic, effective and influential. Our belief is that leadership is about behaviour first and skills second. Good leaders are followed chiefly because people trust and respect them, rather than because of the skills they possess.

So whilst successful leadership relies on management skills, personal qualities such as integrity, professionalism, respect for diversity, courage, commitment, sincerity, passion, confidence, positivity, wisdom, determination, compassion and empathy also play a key role.

Leadership Coaching

Coaching is extremely powerful, both in the giving and the receiving – it is extraordinarily empowering when we are really listened to without judgment. Coaching allows leaders to emerge with a fresh perspective. Our coaching model has been developed from a strong conceptual base and is continually enhanced through experience and client feedback.

Coaching is a relationship between people. The more respect, collaboration, trust and openness, the more successful the relationship. We enjoy these privileged relationships and our clients tell us that we are good at building them. For us, coaching is far more than a market opportunity. It is our own chosen path for finding fulfillment in our work and our lives. We are inspired by its capacity to liberate the potential of individuals, teams and organisations.

Strategic Influencing

When we talk to people about power and politics everyone we meet has a story to tell, a story which usually involves a Machiavellian triumph of self-interest over service and unhappy endings all round. Almost all describe situations where time, energy, trust, goodwill and relationships are damaged. When we dig further, we discover that the net result is usually further loss on the balance sheet – both financial and emotional.

Woven into these stories is a heartfelt desire by most people to do a good job; to achieve, to succeed and to do the right thing. Two of the most serious and frequently encountered obstacles to this are negative political activity and abuse of power.

Many directors put great emphasis on recruiting and nurturing the top talent within their industries, talent that looks to their superiors to learn the unwritten rules and codes of the business they're working for. So to what extent are your managers unwittingly cloning the next generation of Machiavellian executives? Are you sure about that? Just do a quick mental check on the balance between your recruitment efforts and your efforts to ensure that your managers and leaders are behaving with integrity.

Team Development

Building and sustaining high performing teams is about understanding their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. It is also about getting each team player to recognise their own strengths and limitations and understand and support each other. To achieve this, our team building activities are based on a range of effective psychometric tools.

We design tailored leadership learning solutions that fully align themselves with your agenda to suit the needs of your business. We work with a range of strategic partners to accommodate small team programmes as well as larger team events. Please contact us for more details and case studies.