team tonic

Team Tonic is an engaging and highly interactive one-day personal and team development event. It aims to energise teams and develop positive skills and behaviours through sustainable learning. Devised by The Learning Architect to work in conjunction with our specialist event partners.

This high-impact event helps to support culture shift and workplace change, embed new values, replace bad habits with good ones, and boost performance and wellness at work.

Delivered by expert facilitators, and based on a blended and sustainable learning approach, Team Tonic is a proven and straightforward way to inform, energise and inspire your team.

how does it work?

Team Tonic events are tailored to meet your change management, performance improvement and organisational development needs.

The interactive morning workshop incorporates team energisers, and two 60-minute Modern Life Skills personal development sessions.

The development sessions provide sustainable learning based on the UNESCO model and each session includes personal action planning time. Ongoing post-event support is provided both online and via Modern Life Skills – a book to take away.

Choose two of the 20 key life skills covered in Modern Life Skills to be delivered as one-hour bite size sessions designed to develop positive and adaptive behaviours.

The afternoon session focuses on team building and development. The Learning Architect works with specialist event partners to design bespoke activities that compliment the chosen life skills.

who is it for?

  • Any business or organisation undergoing or preparing for significant change.
  • Any business or organisation wanting to boost motivation, positive behavioural skills and individual or team performance.
  • Any business looking to improve workplace wellness and morale.
  • All ages, genders, grades and backgrounds.

what are the benefits and outcomes?

  • Encourages positive attitudes and adaptive behaviours.
  • Enables individuals to take personal responsibility.
  • Supports culture shift and changing mindsets, replacing bad habits with good ones.
  • Sustainable learning and change through personal action plans and post-event support.
  • Improved performance and motivation.
  • Improved team work and communication.
  • Improved client focus and customer care.