Team Tonic is all about empowering and energising your team to collaborate and coordinate better to achieve the best results and outcomes. It is about building energised teams and promoting cultural wellbeing. The ethos of the activity is that individual commitment to a group effort is what makes a successful team unite and an organisation thrive.

This versatile, fun and highly participative event begins with looking at what makes a great team work well together and what some of the potential barriers for success could be. Participants are then encouraged to look at their own contribution and initially focus on themselves, their mind-sets and personal energy.

The aim through a group activity called “Making a giant difference” is to bring together the individual commitments that each individual can make to the greater good of the team. This works on the premise that if each individual makes one shift towards a positive behaviour by critical mass this will have a big impact on the wider team and overall organisational performance.

This activity will help participants to:
• Adopt positive attitudes and adaptive behaviours
• Support culture shifts and changing mindsets
• Replace bad habits with good ones
• Encourage personal responsibility and wellbeing
• Collaborate and coordinate better with others
• Make a positive collective difference

Sustainable Solutions

The emphasis is on keeping things simple and sustainable.
Knowledge is important. However, it is what we do with it that really matters.
We encourage a great deal of emphasis on positive behavioural change through personal action planning and follow up on outcomes. All participants will be supported post-learning by support materials and access to an on-line life skills library with over 100 bite-sized resources.

Team Tonic Portfolio

• One-day team activity
• Half-day team activity