Workplace Wellness - Bite-size Modules

Bite-size sessions work well with larger audiences and are high impact, interactive and fun. We can tailor the learning to suit your needs and you can take a pick 'n' mix approach from the following enablers to fit into the time scales you have available.

Understand your attitude and where it comes from
Develop a more positive approach to challenges and change psychology and how it works

Exercise and Nutrition
Understanding the basics of nutrition for health and sustainable energy
Explore how exercise can improve the quality of your life

Identify your communication style
Analyse and develop your communication skills

Stress Management
Understand stress and your personal triggers
Relaxation and stress management techniques

Recognise the impact of the environment on personal performance
Share ideas to promote a happy and healthy place to work

Goal Setting
Set exciting and achievable goals
Recognise how small steps can achieve big rewards

All participants will also receive a full set of support materials including a copy of 'How to Work Wonders – Your Guide to Workplace Wellness' by leading modern life skills expert Liggy Webb, as well access to FREE downloadable resources for sustainable learning. All bite-size modules are delivered by accredited workplace wellness consultants. We strongly recommend a review activity three months after the event.