Menopausal Resilience

Menopause is not just ladies’ business, it is everyone’s business and having the confidence to be able to understand and talk about it in a constructive and positive way can help everyone, even those who are not directly going it through it themselves.

This bite-sized workshop/presentation has been designed to be flexible in timings so the content can be delivered as a 30/45 minute presentation or 60/90 minute interactive workshops. Our approach offers a useful overview for everyone about the menopause, is delivered by a female who has been or is going through the menopause and will cover the following:

• Raise awareness about the menopause and why it happens

• Understand the impact that it has on mental health

• Appreciate the benefits of the menopause

• Identify the symptoms and how to manage them

• Explore the options for managing the menopause

• Embrace the menopause as a natural part of life

Please note that the content is designed to offer a light and useful overview of the menopause. It is not intended to replace the advice of a doctor or any other specialist health professional or practitioner.

For more details about the content please refer to the bite-sized menopause book.