workplace wellness

Workplace wellness plays a fundamental role in the success of every business.

The workplace is becoming an increasingly pressurized environment with more demands on employees to cope with the challenges and changes within the businesses they work for.

Workplace wellness is about the responsible, proactive approach that organisations can take to support the health and happiness of their workforce. By cultivating a working environment that promotes mental, physical and environmental health, employers can positively impact on stress, reduce absenteeism and improve workforce energy and performance to engender a culture of people engagement as well as demonstrate corporate social responsibility.

How will you return your investments

  • Reduce sickness absenteeism
  • Alleviate employee stress
  • Help staff to cope with change
  • Promote better communication
  • Reduce potential conflict
  • Improve staff energy levels
  • Improve mental health
  • Improve physical wellbeing
  • Retain talent and reduce staff turnover
  • Improve employee engagement
  • Assist managers in supporting their teams
  • Promote work-home balance
  • Mitigate potential litigation
  • Reduce health insurance premiums
  • Reduce carbon footprint
  • Save money on workplace overheads
  • Become an employer of choice
  • Support corporate social responsibility
  • Improve efficiency and productivity

An approach to workplace wellness that gets results

Following years of research, The Learning Architect has designed a unique holistic approach to workplace wellness that has delivered exceptional results.

Our approach to wellness is about keepings things simple. We concentrate on helping individuals take more personal responsibility and encouraging them to take small steps towards greater achievement.

Our learning model:

  • Attitude: how to develop a positive approach to your work and life
  • Exercise and Nutrition: how to benefit from exercise and healthy eating
  • Stress Management: how to manage your emotions and levels
  • Communication: how to communicate more positively and effectively
  • Environment: how to cultivate a positive and happy working environment
  • Goal Setting: how to set personal action plans and achieve results

Why does our approach work?

Our approach works because it:

  • Moves away from the negative focus of stress and towards the positive focus and outcome of wellness.
  • Inspires and motivates people to want to take personal responsibility for their mental, physical and environmental health.
  • Motivates people to self-evaluate and sustain successful personal outcomes by creating SMART personal action plans.
  • Encourages participants to make their own choices by providing easily transferable and achievable tips and techniques.
  • Takes out all unnecessary complexity; by keeping it simple, we make it fun, interactive and purposeful.
  • Enables participants to take immediate action by addressing existing behaviours, changing unhealthy habits and making healthier choices.

Our range of workplace wellness learning experiences can be tailored to suit your specific requirements:

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