Managing agile working is about positively embracing the changing world of working and appreciating that there is a growing need for a more agile approach to the way organisations operate. Agile working is where an organisation empowers its people to work where, when and how they choose, with maximum flexibility and minimum constraints.

Communications and information technology are pivotal in making this happen.

The idea behind this approach is to create a more responsive, efficient and effective organisation, which can keep up with the pace of innovation, improve business performance and increase customer satisfaction.

This workshop helps managers to gain clarity of what agile working means to their organisation, why it is happening, how it will work and how to support the human element of an agile working environment.

What we offer

During this workshop managers will:
  • Understand the drivers and key benefits of agile working
  • Role model behavioural agility to guide and inspire others
  • Trust and empower people to get the best results
  • Communicate with confidence and clarity
  • Focus on performance and productivity

How is the content delivered?

  • Half-day workshop
  • Bite-sized session