Coaching offers individuals a great way to become more self-reliant and take action and maintain focus in achieving personal goals and sustaining healthy behaviours.
Our team of well-being coaches are very experienced in helping individuals to address specific areas of development and take personal responsibility for improved outcomes. Coaching approaches are as wide-ranging as the individuals involved and we supplement our training approaches with psychometrics, which can be a great way to assist with gaining personal insight.
We highly recommend the NEO-PI-3, which consists of an online survey, followed by 1:1 coaching with a British Psychological Society accredited test administrator. This will give you an insight into 36 fascinating areas of your unique personality including key factors related to resilience, namely: anxiety, anger, depression, vulnerability, assertiveness, activity levels and openness to feelings.
We offer a range of coaching approaches to suit each individual’s specific needs and also offer a variety of support tools post coaching to ensure sustainability of personal outcomes. Please email for more information.