Stress intelligence is about helping individuals to manage their lives well and avoid burnout. More often than not, there seems to be a highly negative connotation attached to stress, with some people in pursuit of a stress-free life. This type of existence, however, is unrealistic because a certain level of stress is a prerequisite for actually staying alive. Stress to some degree is unavoidable.
Learning how to optimise pressure and use it to an advantage will support getting things done in a way that is more conducive to better overall health and emotional well-being. This unique model provides an opportunity to examine personal stress levels and establish a toolkit of approaches to establish and maintain a better life balance.
In the volatile and uncertain world in which we live understanding personal stress levels and developing a proactive set of coping mechanisms is key to optimising personal performance and to getting things done in the best possible way.

What we offer

During this workshop participants will:
  • Raise awareness of stress by understanding personal triggers and responses
  • Understand stress and the effect it can have on mental and physical health
  • Commit to self-care and establish healthy boundaries and habits
  • Manage personal well-being by maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle
  • Create moments of sanctuary to replenish everyday energy levels

Sustainable Solutions

The emphasis is on keeping things simple and sustainable.
Knowledge is important. However, it is what we do with it that really matters.
We encourage a great deal of emphasis on positive behavioural change through personal action planning and follow up on outcomes. All participants will be supported post-learning by support materials and access to an on-line life skills library with over 100 bite-sized resources.

Stress Intelligence Portfolio

  • Half day workshops
  • Bite sized workshops
  • Key note presentations

The content was enlightening, insightful & thought-provoking and as a result I’ve already tweaked my behaviours for the better.

Chris Simpson

Organisational Development and Learning Consultant
Royal National Institute of Blind People

We were very impressed with the course that was arranged for our SAS doctors. Feedback on the course content and trainer was excellent.

Oliver Leeming

Education Centre Manager
Health & Social Services – States of Jersey